Water testing resumes at Nova Scotia Health facilities, Jan. 25

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Water testing resumes at Nova Scotia Health facilities, Jan. 25
The Environmental Services Laboratory at the QEII Health Sciences Centre will resume accepting water samples for testing from municipal, registered, and private water supply owners, starting Monday, January 25. The water testing service was temporarily suspended in order to create capacity for COVID-19 testing.​
Since this lab is the central site for chemical and bacterial water testing for Nova Scotia, water samples will again be accepted at other Nova Scotia Health sites as was done previously.
At this time, the public is asked that only essential water tests be requested. It is expected that turnaround times for chemical analysis may be 10 business days or more for the next few months. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause.
The Environmental Laboratory may need to temporarily suspend water testing once again if there are surges in the need for COVID-19 testing.
Municipal, registered and private water supply owners may send samples to alternate accredited water testing facility. A list of alternate testing facilities may be found at: http://novascotia.ca/nse/water/waterlabs.asp .
The Environmental Services Laboratory staff look forward to serving their clients again and thank everyone for their patience during this period.

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