COVID-19 enforcement statistics and Easter holiday information

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COVID-19 enforcement statistics and Easter holiday information

Halifax Regional Police is providing an update in relation to violations under the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Act and Health Protection Act related to COVID-19 directives.

Since our last report on Monday, HRP issued 33 tickets for violations of the Health Protection Act and Emergency Management Act, bringing the total to 78 since the Province declared a state of emergency. The majority of these were in relation to being in prohibited areas under the Emergency Management Act. Since the declaration of the state of emergency, HRP has responded to a total 878 COVID-19 related calls.

“With the upcoming Easter weekend, we remind citizens that under the state of emergency requirements, there are to be no non-essential gatherings of more than five people,” said Halifax Regional Police Chief Dan Kinsella. “The best way to protect yourself, your family and our community is to celebrate the Easter holiday at home with the people who live with you and stay at home unless it is necessary for you to go out.”

“Officers will also be responding to calls and patrol high traffic areas such as parks and retail businesses to ensure citizens and businesses are complying with the emergency directives,” said Chief Kinsella.

We strongly advise members of the public to educate themselves on the directives and new enforcement measures at More information on what you can do to help curb the spread of COVID-19 over the Easter holiday is available on the Halifax Regional Police website.​ Let’s work together to curb the spread of the virus.

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