Superstore has temporarily closed the store at 650 Portland Street location over COVID-19 concerns

The Covid Chronicle

**** Loblaw Media Release

Superstore has  closed the  at 650 Portland Street location. We are not required to but we do so out of an abundance of caution. That’s our protocol (every retailer is different). We will likely re-open saturday morning  at 7am (for seniors) and 8am for all other customers.

The colleague last worked on March 31st.

  • We have been working with public health officials to contact all potentially affected colleagues and taking appropriate action.
  • A professional cleaning company will do a thorough cleaning of the store overnight – ​ we contract a 3rd party professional cleaning company to cover all areas of the store.​ Available colleagues will help with this.
  • Overnight will complete a deep clean and sanitization of the entire store. Additionally, colleagues and Department Heads are conducting another round of sanitization throughout the store.
  • We follow all protocols within the store recommended by public health officials. If fact, we will absolutely go above and beyond what is required.
  • Public health officials are satisfied with our protocols and have confirmed the risk to our customers was very low.

As Info – we have Existing Protocols in Place

The health and safety of our team has been a top priority. That is why over the past few weeks, we have taken a number of instore measures. They include:

  • We have increased sanitization processes, including frequent deep cleaning of all areas of the store.
  • We have installed customer sanitizing stations at the entrance of our stores.
  • Each shopping cart is being cleaned and sanitized after every use.
  • We procured gloves for all of our colleagues as quickly as possible.
  • We have reduced store hours so that our teams have more time to clean, and rest.
  • We have dedicated the first hour (7am to 8am) for seniors.
  • We are limiting the number of people in our busiest stores and ensuring that we’re allowing the space for customers to adhere to the 2-meter social distancing guideline provided by Health Canada.
  • We are shutting down every other lane whenever possible, again to create more space for everyone.
  • We have installed in store direction signage/arrow to manage traffic flow and limit lane congestion.
  • We are promoting the use of credit and debit over the handling of cash.
  • We are eliminating the handling of reusable bags.
  • We have shut down cosmetic services and removed testing products.
  • We have increased our capacity to accept online grocery orders.
  • We are continuing to pay colleagues impacted by COVID-19, so no one has to choose between their income and their health.

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