NS SPCA Adoptable Highlight – Lola

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**** Info via NS SPCA

NS SPCA Adoptable Highlight – Lola

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl????

Lola is a petite female who is estimated at 4 years old. She has a beautiful, short, tan tabby striped coat with slight hints of white specks.​

Lola was adopted from our shelter a few years ago, but unfortunately her owner became ill and was no longer able to continue to care for her. Which brought her back to us to help find her another amazing home.​

Lola suffers from an unknown food allergy. Because of this she requires a specialty diet called: Royal Canin Selected Protein. This can dry dry and canned diet.​

If you are searching for a cat who will be social, but not overwhelmingly so, Lola would be a great match. She likes attention on her terms, but enjoys to have her space from time to time.​

Lola is available for adoption through the Dartmouth SPCA .Please visit this link for our new adoption process: www.NovaScotiaSPCA.ca/adoptionprocess/

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