Investments in Recreation Facilities and Trails Support Healthy Communities

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Investments in Recreation Facilities and Trails Support Healthy Communities


Community groups can move forward with projects that help promote healthier communities, improve infrastructure and foster economic growth with a $2.1 million investment from the Province.

The funding includes $1.5 million for 40 projects through the Recreational Facility Development grant program. These funds help community groups, municipalities and other not-for-profit organizations develop recreation and sport facilities.

For example, the Parrsboro Community Playground Society is building a new, inclusive community park and playground where the town hall once stood and received a grant of $85,000. The Municipality of the County of Cumberland is also providing $100,000 toward the project and has partnered with the society to build, manage and maintain the new playground.

The River Hebert/Joggins and Area Development Association will use its $85,000 grant to renovate the former Brookside Curling Club in River Hebert to become an accessible community centre for the surrounding communities.

“At the core of every healthy community are places where people can come together to be active,” said Tory Rushton, Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables and the Cumberland South MLA, on behalf of Pat Dunn, Minister of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage. “Trails and recreation facilities contribute significantly to our communities and enable Nova Scotians to access services and lead healthy, active lifestyles.”

The government is also contributing $650,000 to 20 projects through the Recreational Trail Expansion grant program. This funding will help communities develop, expand and upgrade trails across the province.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the Province for its contribution towards an accessible, inclusive community park and playground in Parrsboro. In an area which suffers from one of the highest child poverty rates in our province and higher than average disability rate, this project has a magnified importance. Accessible and free recreation facilities are crucial to the well being of our community and we are so thankful the Province of Nova Scotia has helped us make it a reality.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Matthew Brewer, Chair, Parrsboro Community Playground Society

“Our new community centre will provide much needed space for sports activities, after school programs, fitness classes for all ages and much more. The centre will also provide internet access to people in our community and will serve as a warming centre during winter power outages. A project of this scope would not be possible without this assistance, the efforts of our fundraising committee and the support of our whole community.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Deborah Metherel, Treasurer, River Hebert/Joggins and Area Development Association

Quick Facts:
— the facility and trail grant programs provide recipients with up to one-third of the total capital cost of a project, to a maximum of $150,000
— applications for next year’s grants will open in January
— most recreation facilities and trails across Nova Scotia are operated by volunteer groups

Additional Resources:
A list of the projects receiving funding in 2021-22 is available at:

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