HRP’s Operation Fall-Back continues patrols in university neighbourhoods

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HRP’s Operation Fall-Back continues patrols in university neighbourhoods

As part of Operation Fall-Back, Halifax Regional Police will continue its presence in university neighbourhoods this weekend to discourage any disruptive behaviour and to ensure current public health measures are being followed. ​

With the launch of HRP’s annual Operation Fall-Back campaign earlier this month, officers are focusing on community safety and quality-of-life issues in neighbourhoods surrounding Halifax universities. Since the start of the campaign on September 3, HRP has continued to respond to a variety of issues including noise complaints, alcohol-related infractions and motor vehicle violations.

“We are reminding university students to act in a safe and responsible manner at all times,” said HRP Cst. Mike Zinck, a Community Response Officer in the Central Division. “Community safety is everyone’s responsibility and there are consequences if your actions negatively impact the quality-of-life in our community.”

Through education, engagement and enforcement measures, Operation Fall-Back aims to reduce complaints and maintain quality of life in areas surrounding Halifax universities. The campaign runs throughout the month of September. Citizens are encouraged to report any concerns about quality-of-life issues, such as noise, public impairment and/or safety.​ HRP have developed a brochure to inform students and citizens on common offences and potential consequences. Visit:​

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