NS SPCA – Update on the 77 dogs and pups


**** NS SPCA Release

*Update on the 77 dogs and pups*

Thank you. We truly cannot say it enough. Because of your support, the dogs have received around-the-clock care, hands-on training, and most of all… love. 💕

Sadly, even with all our best efforts, six made their way to Rainbow Bridge. We know this is hard to hear. Our hearts are breaking. Helping pets can be extremely rewarding but also emotionally taxing.

You may have noticed some people have shared or changed their profile picture to include “NOMV.” This stands for Not One More Vet. Veterinary Medicine has one of the highest suicide rates of any profession. Animal-lovers enter this field because they adore pets and want to help. But the work is never done and we can’t always win.

Despite this sad news, many of the dogs and pups have responded well. In fact, we have been able to find loving homes for 12 dogs already! 🐾 The adoption process is more extensive than normal to ensure we are setting the dogs and their new families up for success. Seeing their beautiful transformations gives us hope.

Many of the dogs still have a long road ahead of them. For some, progress is very slow. No matter how long it takes… we won’t give up.

COVID-19 has put a serious emotional strain on all of us. So, in honour of mental health week, we ask you to share love and kindness by commenting a heart emoji below.


Thank you for your compassionate support.

P.S. When the dogs are ready to continue with their personalized socialized plans in a home setting, you will find them posted on our adoption webpage online here: www.novascotiaspca.ca/adoptions

P.P.S While we appreciate your passion and empathy, we ask that you refrain from any comments that include profanity or may be considered disrespectful with our social media policy. Thank you!


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