Park and trail safety tips

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Park and trail safety tips

Police are sharing some tips to keep in mind when heading out to enjoy the spring weather at the many parks and trails in our community.

  • For everyone’s enjoyment and safety, follow park/trail regulations and COVID-19 public health directives related to social distancing and gathering limits.
  • Ensure your vehicle is locked at all times, take your wallet/purse with you and don’t leave valuables in your vehicle, especially in plain view. If it’s absolutely necessary to leave items in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk out of plain view before you arrive at the park/trail.
  • Take your cell phone with you so you can call for help if you need it.
  • It’s always a good idea to tell a trusted family member or friend where you’re going and when you plan to return, particularly if you’re not familiar with the area.

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