Beaver rescue update

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Beaver rescue update

Over the weekend we received a beaver who had found itself in the middle of the road. With some help from a member of the public and an RCMP officer who was passing by, they were able to escort the beaver into a carrier.

He went and spent some time at the local RCMP detachment before being picked up by one of our volunteers.

A physical exam and X-rays of the beaver showed several broken ribs and a few large wounds that were cleaned out and stitched up. The beaver will be in care for several weeks as it heals from the broken ribs but then will be returned home, hopefully having learnt to look both ways before crossing the road!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in this rescue and especially the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia who contained the beaver and brought it to a safe place while he waited for transport!

This beaver is also our 400th patient of 2021!


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