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**** RCMP Media Release

RCMP help rescue Canadian icon

On March 27, an RCMP member on patrol on Commercial St. in New Minas came across a woman trying to move what appeared to be an injured beaver off the roadway. The furry friend seemed pretty comfortable on the road, but thanks to a team effort, he was coaxed into a kennel and taken to the New Minas RCMP Detachment.

Our friends at Hope for Wildlife came to pick him up, and we know he’s in good hands. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he can return home soon. Thanks to all those who assisted in the rescue effort!


**** Info via Hope for Wildlife

Patient update!

The beaver that was brought in at the end of March after being escorted off the road by the RCMP is recovering well. The multiple rib fractures have callused over and are healing well and his wounds are also almost completely healed!

He has been moved to a larger area where he can have a deeper pool and more room to roam around. This is his intermediate step before moving to the marine unit with a large pool, so we can assess his diving abilities, where he will hopefully be able to move to in the next week or so.

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