Meeting the heroes: A family says thanks after toddlers life is saved.

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(FAMILY) This is a special story originally posted elsewhere during the summer of 2019. It meant a lot to those involved so I am reposting here

Meeting the heroes: A family says thanks after toddlers life is saved.

Sasha and Matt, proud parents, and twin brother Zach, with son John were able to meet the HRFE crew from Station 16 today. But this wasn’t just a fun visit, it was to say thanks for their quick response which helped save 2 year old John’s life.

John has asthma, and earlier in the week he took a medical turn for the worst. Having a cold for 2.5 weeks, his breathing failed him, a result from heavy congestion and his asthma.

After calling 911, the closest fire station to the family, station 16 in Eastern Passage, were paged to assist. They responded quickly and made first contact with little John.

According to Sasha, “We were sitting on the couch and he had pooped so I put him on the floor to change him. He started to cough and then he started turning blue. His eyes were rolling back in his head, fingers, toes and face blue, non responsive and not breathing. I’ve never performed CPR in my life. It was automatic.

Chest compressions and mouth to mouth. The responders that showed first were 4 firefighters followed by EHS. I thought we were losing him. He was as limp as a noodle, completely gone and I wasn’t letting him go without a fight. I just sat with him, watched him and prayed. I don’t pray but I did that day as firefighters worked to revive my son. Medics came and took him by ambulance to hospital, continuing to care for my baby.”

John spent a length of time in resuscitation and was admitted to the ICU at hospital. He was sent home Thursday night and he’s doing well according to mom.

The initial care given by the responding fire crew followed by the vital care via EHS is something that Sasha and family will never forget.

They say that they will be eternally grateful for all the work our first responders do especially after they experienced their care first hand.

The parents also want to thank their family who helped during the terrifying ordeal. They credit:

“Patrick- called 911

Lindsay- made calls to the grandparents/who called Matt

Katrina- came and grabbed Zach (other son) once she realized what was happening so he didn’t have to watch.”

The family also want to thank everyone involved with saving John’s life. Including the first responders, hospital staff are very much a part of this family’s happy ending.

Sasha offers this advice to everyone, “Hold your loved ones close and your babies extra close. Life can change in the blink of an eye. “

(Some photos via the family)

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