(Update) Meet Kermit. He is a four-year-old cat who needs your help to get a needed surgery!

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You probably remember Kermit, who was in need of surgery for his luxating patella (slipping kneecap).

We are pleased to share that Kermit had his surgery this week and it went great!

He is now on mandatory cage rest and will be closely monitored by our Animal Care Attendants and Veterinarian to ensure he is healing properly.

Kermit is back to his loving self, and while he’s not a fan of cage rest, he is loving all of the extra attention he is receiving from our staff!


Meet Kermit. He is a four-year-old cat who is currently in the care of Bide Awhile.

Kermit is an absolute lover and all-around sweet guy. He loves people and gives the best hugs. You can find him hanging out in our open-concept cat room while he awaits knee surgery.

The surgery is to fix his luxating patella (slipping kneecap), a condition that can cause cartilage damage, ligament tears and pain if left untreated.

At Bide Awhile, the welfare of the animals that come into our care is of the utmost importance. This is why we will do whatever it takes to ensure all animals that leave our shelter are happy and healthy, no matter the price.

Kermit’s surgery will cost an estimated $2000. We need to raise these funds to pay for his surgery. We understand not everyone is in the position to donate. If you are unable to do so, please consider helping us by simply sharing this post. On behalf of Kermit, we thank you for your support!

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