Bedford Superstore confirms a staff member tested positive for COVID-19, taking measures to ensure safety

The Covid Chronicle

**** Info via Loblaw Atlantic

As you know, we did close the Bedford Superstore this afternoon.​ We want to assure our customers and employees that we take their safety very seriously.

We are aware that one of the colleagues from the Bedford Superstore has recently tested positive for COVID-19.​ We have been in touch with the local public health team and have taken a number of steps to minimize risk, including increased sanitization protocols and enforcing social distancing practices in the store. The store has been closed for a thorough cleaning, and is expected to reopen tomorrow.

Additionally, colleagues who worked closely with this individual are now at home in self-isolation, monitoring for any symptoms.

Anyone with further questions or concerns should contact Public Health.

Note: we have a pretty stringent/robust protocol in place.

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