RCMP urge safety as Hurricane Teddy approaches

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RCMP urge safety as Hurricane Teddy approaches

With Hurricane Teddy continuing to track toward our province, the RCMP urges citizens to be mindful of the dangers that the storm may present.

As the storm approaches, it is important to remember that extreme weather will result in hazardous conditions, decreased visibility and possible hydro-planing on our roads and highways. Drivers may also encounter wind-blown debris on the road and sudden flooding which can be dangerous for motorists and detrimental to highway conditions. The RCMP encourage the public to keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles and refrain from unnecessary travel until after the storm has passed and clean-up efforts are complete. If you must travel, allow for additional travel time, let someone know your destination, slow down, watch for pooling water and use your hazard signals if you must stop along the way.

The RCMP encourages the public to maintain a safe viewing distance along beaches and shorelines, well away from the water’s edge and stay completely off rocks, breakwaters, and piers where waves are breaking. Storm-driven waves and tides can cause unpredictable and deadly conditions, as anyone close to the coast could be swept into the ocean.

For further information on emergency preparedness, visit the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office Web site​ http://beta.novascotia.ca/government/emergency-management-office.

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