It’s that time of year again! Breeding season for some wildlife has already started. Keep wildlife from using your property as dens!

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**** Info via Hope for Wildlife

Spring is just around the corner! Erica recently shared some great information that we would like to pass on!

“It’s that time of year again! Breeding season for some wildlife has already started, like great horned owls, foxes and some mustelids. So here it is!

Garden sheds, attics, wood piles and garages that have been dormant all winter make great places for wild animals like raccoons to den and have their young. Don’t want an animal taking up residents, now is the time to act!

Make yourself known in the area, visit the spot once or twice a week, moving items around and leaving your scent tells animals that this space is occupied by you! Also look for any entry points if it’s a building and close them up.
What if you discover an animal taking up residence already?

Set up a light and a radio at the site, raccoons and other wild animals want a quite dark place to raise their young. Be patient:

*If babies are present mamma will need time to move them. Animals like raccoons will often have a “back up” den site already picked out so it will take less time for her to move out.

*Animals like to move under the cover of darkness, so give the animal at least 1 -2 nights to move herself and babies before going and checking if the animal has left.
Unable to deter an animal on your own? Call your local wildlife rehab for more help!”

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