Sexual Violence Prevention Grants Support More Projects



Sexual Violence Prevention Grants Support More Projects
The province is funding more projects to prevent sexual violence and keep students safe on university and community college campuses.

The Sexual Violence Prevention Grant has been approved to fund eight projects so far this year, totalling about $432,000.

“Sexual violence is still too prevalent on our campuses,” said Labi Kousoulis, Minister of Labour and Advanced Education. “The funding is meant to help build a culture of consent and prevent sexual violence. We’ll continue to work with our partners to help prevent this type of violence and support survivors.”

The projects will:
— continue to support the Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator position, which is focused on collaborating with key partners to implement the Changing the Culture of Acceptance (2017) report recommendations
— support the peer-based Student Liaison positions at each university and a satellite position at NSCC
— support the third phase of the Culture and Perspectives on Sexual Assault Policy research program to help campuses become survivor-centric, prioritizing the rights, needs and wishes of the survivor
— engage male-identifying students in ending sexualized violence on Nova Scotia campuses using the Man-Made program as a primary prevention tool
— continue to evaluate culture change related to sexual violence on Nova Scotia campuses and help guide decision making with respect to sexual violence prevention initiatives through a SenseMaker questionnaire and SenseMaking workshops
— support the second phase of Open Resource, a platform for institutions and community partners to design and deliver sexual violence education and prevention materials that are evidence-based, targeted and proactive to ensure students receive information they need to engage in a positive and safe way
— continue to support the NS Bystander Intervention Education (Waves of Change) program, with modules that include preventative education of sexual violence like consent, responding to a disclosure, alcohol and drug harm reduction, and anti-oppression training for students
— support facilitator training for Flip the Script, an established prevention program that provides training and tools for those at risk of sexual violence

“The Flip the Script program has had positive impacts on the universities where it has been implemented, so we wanted to find a way to bring it to Nova Scotia universities and NSCC. By bringing the trainers here, our post-secondary institutions will be able to take part, learn and share that knowledge on their campuses and in their communities. Although every institution offers a different educational experience, we want to make certain that when it comes to addressing sexualized violence, there is consistency in the programs, training and services we provide to our students.”
– Christina Warren, Sexual Assault Resistance Education (SARE) project, NSCAD University

“We are excited to have this grant to support a collaborative initiative between CBU, NSCC, MSVU, NSCAD, St. FX and SMU to implement educational discussion groups designed to engage male-identifying students as allies in ending sexualized violence.”
– Kyle Cleversey, Men as Allies project, Mount Saint Vincent University

Quick Facts:
— under the 2019-24 memorandum of understanding with universities, the province provides $470,000 per year for sexual violence prevention
— the eight approved projects will be led by Saint Mary’s University, St. Francis Xavier University, Mount Saint Vincent University, NSCAD University and the Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents

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