HIAA’s Emergency Response Services team is always onsite and ready to respond

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HIAA’s Emergency Response Services team is always onsite and ready to respond, including our team of firefighters. The Platoons respond to requests for aircraft assistance upon landing and medical calls on the airport property. In 2019, the Emergency Response Services team and Duty Managers responded to 48 flight diversions and over 600 calls, 288 of which were medical.

“In order to be responsive, you need to be well-trained. We’re tested on an ongoing basis to ensure we can be anywhere on the airfield within three minutes. We get recertified with mock live fire training annually and we do extra training above what’s required of us. We have firefighters onsite covering the trucks and the radios 24/7.

But it’s not just about responding in time. Building a rapport with someone to make them feel at ease in a stressful situation is really important. It’s that human element that goes beyond tending to someone’s injury. Building trust in these moments gives them one less thing to worry about.

It’s important that we’re always ready to respond to any unexpected situation, and I believe the Platoons have the right training, equipment and resources to accomplish any tasks that we may encounter.

The airport is a great place to work. What I like most about being a firefighter is that each emergency call is unique and often requires problem solving and teamwork.”

-Peter Khattar, Aircraft Rescue Firefighter

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