(Update) Services at QEII Halifax Infirmary site affected by water main break

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Services at QEII Halifax Infirmary site affected by water main break
There has been a significant water event at the QEII’s Halifax Infirmary site due to a broken water main line in the steam plant, resulting in the loss of water and steam for all buildings on campus (Halifax Infirmary, Veterans Memorial Building, Abbie J. Lane, Power Plant).
There is currently no running water for flushing toilets or drinking. Hand sanitizer is available and we are working to bring in drinking water and portable hand-washing stations/washrooms to as soon as possible.
This incident has had immediate impacts on patient care and staff operations, requiring repair, remediation and, in some cases, patient relocation:
  • All elective and non-urgent surgeries and procedures at the site are being cancelled and rescheduled.
  • Outpatient blood collection is closed at the Halifax Infirmary for Wednesday, April 3. Patients can present at Bayer’s Road Blood Collection, 7071 Bayers Road Suite 141 at the time of their scheduled appointment or call 902-473- 2074 for a new appointment at a time/location that is convenient.
  • The emergency department is open but patients without emergency concerns are asked to visit another emergency department or virtual/community access point. Please visit yourhealthns.ca or use the YourHealthNS app for options.
  • Patients with other scheduled appointments today (Wednesday, April 3) will be contacted to relocate, reschedule or offer a virtual option.
We appreciate your flexibility and cooperation as we work through this unexpected event. We understand the challenges this situation presents to staff, and our patients, families and communities.
A second water main break at the QEII’s Halifax Infirmary site has left the buildings without running water or heat to begin the day Thursday. Updates on service impacts will follow soon.

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