Collaborative Supports and Housing for Women at Risk

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Collaborative Supports and Housing for Women at Risk
Enhanced access to housing and supports can help women overcome barriers and make positive changes in their lives.

With a total investment of $360,000 to the Elizabeth Fry Society’s Holly House for the next two years, more women in conflict with the law will have access to needed supports that will help them to break the cycle of poverty and criminality. Funding will allow Holly House to continue delivering its around the clock support to women and increase the facility’s capacity from eight to 10 live-in residents.

“Many of the women served by Holly House have experienced trauma, homelessness, or mental health and addiction issues,” said Mark Furey, Attorney General and Minister of Justice. “This investment will mean more positive outcomes for more women and ensure they are able to easily access the many government programs and services they might need to move forward.”

Collaborative and preventative government supports, provided by the departments of Justice, Community Services, Municipal Affairs and Housing, and Health and Wellness ensure that residents of Holly House have direct access to the programs and services they need. These include educational support from Correctional Services teachers, regular and direct access to Nova Scotia Health Authority addictions therapists, and housing support workers. Early intervention and direct access to supports and services result in improved outcomes for women.

“Since we first began offering around the clock reintegrative services to vulnerable, criminalized women and trans individuals, we have been struggling to adequately finance the related housing and staffing costs. It is wonderful to be receiving operational funds that will contribute towards a sustainable home and essential programming for the residents at Holly House. This funding will allow us to continue to provide a home for vulnerable Nova Scotians that is rooted in care, love, dignity and respect.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Emma Halpern, executive director, Elizabeth Fry Society, Mainland Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:
— Holly House is a supportive housing facility in Dartmouth operated by the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia. It is the only housing option in the province specifically designed for women transitioning out of a provincial correctional facility

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