March Success Story – Erin

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March Success Story – Erin

Erin is from Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia and graduated from the Camp Courage class of 2007 and the Marine Institute Firefighting Program. She was a Volunteer Firefighter with the Halifax Regional Fire Service at Station 16 and is an Advanced Care Paramedic with EHS. Some of her quotes from Camp are below.

“I’m not as shy anymore and believe in myself more.”
“Thank you for showing me that I can do anything… for showing me how to face my fears and accomplish the “impossible”, … for giving me the best times of my life, … for the zillion and once in a life time opportunities and experiences, … for accepting me here and introducing me to all these amazing people! Thanks x 239860001″
“I was inspired to be more excited about life and new things and overcoming my fears.”
“I want to be a firefighter because I want to be challenged and pushed, and I really want to help people.”
And that is what she does!!!! We are super proud of all your successes and the difference you are making in people’s lives.
What Erin said about fire school…
“I graduate May 15th, 2009 and then hopefully headed to Halifax for my two month work term. I got my gold seals for HAZMAT awareness and operation, fire one and pumper driver/operator.

I can drive the fire trucks now and calculate frication loss for all different lengths and widths of lines : ) I love school so much, we just got our results from NFPA pumper today and I got the highest mark in my class out of everyone!

The last few weeks we have been working on rescue tech, like vehicle extrication, high angle and just started confined space today and they are all so enjoyable. I love it!

Also Saturday eight of us got to go in the flashover simulator and it was such a cool experience ill never forget it! Fire was rolling over us on the ceiling and over the walls and ghosting in the smoke and it was soo amazing!

Ill I have left is to finish up confined space and all the testing for rescue tech, and then were going to complete fire two which is going to be a lot of rescues for fires and stuff with rescue randy…my best friend hahah. I’m so excited, its supposed to be much tougher physically and ill I can say is bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I just wanted to let you no how I was doing and thank you again for introducing me to the most exciting thing of life and giving me the confidence to go for it!

Sincerely, Erin

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