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**** Via Save a Life Canada Animal Rescue

(Located in NS)

Hi all, I’m Malfoyt. I am a 4 yr old, 16lb, chi mix fella. I was found as a stray on the streets of Texas and came here to NS to start the search for a forever family.

On average, it takes 100 shares and 100 likes for a dog to find a home! Please share my story so my forever family will find me!

I love to be warm and will bury into a pile of blankets or into a warm bed with you. You will barely notice me at night as I won’t ask to go outside until the morning.

It takes me awhile to be comfortable with someone new. I’ll need a few introductions and to smell your hand before my anxiety stops making me bark and growl at you the first few times we meet or after you’ve been away for awhile. You can pet me, pick me up, and even play with my toes once we’re good. Though I’ll growl and snap when you cut my nails, practice will make perfect. My foster mum wrapped me in a blanket to cut them and although I wasn’t happy about it, I quickly forgave her. I’m a lover not a fighter.

I can get snappy when putting on my harness so maybe it’s best you just leave my harness on until we get to know each other better. I am learning that some of things I don’t like are to help me and becoming more confident with them.

I pay little attention to dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, or cyclists. I will bark at unexpected noises or a new person who comes into my space though. I’m great on walks as I won’t bark or growl at anything. I don’t pull, in fact I may fall behind as I tire but I’m sure eventually I will build up more until endurance for longer walks.

Once we get to know each other better, I love to be with you and enjoy quietly riding in the back seat of your car or snuggling in your lap for belly rubs.

I’ll only eat my kibble with a spoonful of yogurt or wet dog food as well as liver treats and tiny bits of cheese. My rescuers think this might be due to dental issues so I’m heading to the vet soon to get that checked out. My rescuers say not to worry, they’ll get my teeth all fixed up if needed.

I am very gentle taking treats. Careful when I lick the wooden spoon because I might need to chew out all the flavor. I am learning to play and love tug of war. Be careful though because I can get over excited. I am not ready to play with young children because I can be very rambunctious even with my little size. I will chase a ball but haven’t learned to bring it back.

Sometimes things startle me and I’ll bark and growl such as an unexpected pat on my bottom, a raised hand (while gesturing), or a stick. I have stopped marking inside as I’ve started feeling more secure. I need monitoring and patience though as I learn to poop outside.

Many things are new to me like jumping into cars or pushing bedroom doors open. I look forward to learning new things and making memories with my forever family. Are you that family?

My adoption fee is a $500 donation to the rescue to help save more dogs like me. I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and come with a 6-week trial of pet insurance from PetSecure and have all my doggy papers to come home to you! You can apply for me at https://form.jotform.com/60895241776264

*If you have previously submitted an application for an unknown dog or any dog and you feel that I may be a fit for your family, you can just send my rescuers an email instead of submitting another application. The email address is salcarescue@salcars.ca

*Due to limited resources, only applications that suit my needs will be contacted for a potential adoption trial.

*Although we only adopt to NS, NB and PEI, matches are not based on proximity to the dog but on a best fit for the dog. We do assist as much as possible with travel for the right application within these provinces.


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