Residents encouraged to prepare for significant weather event ​

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Residents encouraged to prepare for significant weather event
The Halifax Regional Municipality’s Emergency Management Division will be monitoring weather forecasts in the coming days as a complex weather system is expected to move into our region as early as Monday morning.
Current forecasts indicate widespread rainfall totaling up to 75mm over two days, with some locations receiving over 150 mm by early Wednesday.​ Residents are urged to prepare in advance.
Property damage
The largest threat to homes and property is flying debris. Please move umbrellas and patio furniture inside and remove anything that high winds could pick up such as garbage, flower pots, toys etc.
Residents, who can do so safely, are encouraged to clear storm drains of debris to reduce the likelihood of water pooling. Also, trimming dead branches and cutting down dead trees can reduce the impact caused by high winds.
Preparedness Tips
With the potential for power outages, residents are encouraged to visit our website for a full list of preparedness tips and emergency kits.​ If you have a well, it’s recommended you fill water jugs and your bathtub, as a loss of power will prevent access to well water that relies on electric pumps.​
Emergency food and water should be on hand for all family members, including pets.​ All personal vehicles should be filled with fuel and cell phones should be charged. Many households are now solely reliant on cell phones so battery chargers are recommended. Flashlights should also be equipped with new batteries.
Special items such as prescription medication, infant formula, equipment for people with disabilities, medication for your pets or service animal should be gathered before the storm.
Cash should also be on hand in the event of a power outage as bank machines may be non-operational.
As a reminder, never operate a generator, BBQ or any other fuel filled item inside your home or garage.
Residents are also urged to stay away from the coastline during any severe weather event due to dangers associated with potential storm surge(s).
Stay Informed
Residents are urged to sign-up for hfxALERT, the municipality’s mass notification system. Subscribers will receive alerts by phone, email or text. Sign up here.You can also call​ 311​ for updated information on municipal services or to report issues such as flooding, downed trees or blocked roadways. For emergencies, residents should call 911.

Residents are encouraged to follow the @hfxgov Twitter account for updates and information during severe weather events.

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