Municipality launches illegal dumping and anti-litter campaign

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Municipality launches illegal dumping and anti-litter campaign

The Halifax Regional Municipality is launching a new Illegal Dumping and Anti-Litter campaign, beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

The campaign will include three phases: raising awareness of disposal options; exploring the social and environmental burdens of illegal dumping/litter; and reinforcing the consequences of illegal dumping/litter. This information will be featured via social media, major newspapers, television and billboards.

The campaign’s call to action is “Be responsible for your waste” and is intended to draw attention to the consequences of illegal dumping and littering. It also encourages residents to report illegal dumping/litter. ​

In addition to the campaign launch, municipal staff will begin enforcing enhanced measures related to illegal dumping and litter. Penalties range from $500-$10,000 for illegal dumping, and $200-$10,000 for litter violations.

This work aligns with the municipality’s commitment to acting on litter and illegal dumping. For more information visit

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