Police warn of prepaid gift card scam

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Police warn of prepaid gift card scam

Halifax Regional Police is warning citizens and retailers of a prepaid gift card scam in the Halifax region.

The Financial Crime Unit of the Integrated Criminal Investigation Division is investigating recent reports of frauds involving prepaid gift cards that have been tampered with to enable scammers to access the funds when the card is activated. The cards have been purchased at a number of retailers across the region.

Police are providing some tips to keep in mind when purchasing prepaid gift cards:

  • Check to see if the gift card has been tampered with, e.g. it appears to have an additional barcode sticker covering the legitimate barcode or the covering over the PIN has been scratched off.​
  • Ensure that the information on the receipt matches the card purchased.
  • Keep the receipt until you have verified that it is working and the funds are available for you to use.
  • If the card has been drained of the funds, contact the retailer where the card was purchased and report it to police.

Retailers and citizens who have lost money as a result of gift card scams can file a report with police by calling 902.490.5020.

More information and scam prevention tips are available at:

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