L’NU AFFAIRS–Treaty Day Honours Relationship with Mi’kmaq

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L’NU AFFAIRS–Treaty Day Honours Relationship with Mi’kmaq

The Province is marking its 35th annual Treaty Day today, October 1, by celebrating the many contributions of the Mi’kmaq and recognizing the significance of Nova Scotia’s relationship with Mi’kmaq people.

“We come together today to celebrate the unique and important relationship between the Province and Mi’kmaq in Nova Scotia and our commitment to connect on topics of mutual interest,” said Premier Tim Houston. “I encourage all Nova Scotians to learn more about the history of the Mi’kmaq in our Province.”

Treaty Day award celebrations are hosted by Lt.-Gov. Arthur J. LeBlanc and Grand Chief of the Mi’kmaq Norman Sylliboy. Treaty Day also begins Mi’kmaq History Month.

The achievements of Mi’kmaw Elders and youth are recognized each year on Treaty Day. This year, 13 Elders and young people were honoured with awards and scholarships.

The theme for Mi’kmaq History Month focuses on treaties and the treaty relationship. Nova Scotians can learn more about the contribution of the Mi’kmaq to the province’s history, culture and economy through treaty education programs.

“Through treaty education, we will continue to bring more opportunities to every classroom for all students to understand who the Mi’kmaq are, historically and present day; what the treaties are and why they are important; what happened to the treaty relationship; and help everyone recognize their role in reconciliation. We remain committed to sharing treaty education with public service employees and the public through our memorandum of understanding with Mi’kmaq Kina’matnewey and Millbrook First Nations.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Karla MacFarlane, Minister responsible for the Office of L’nu Affairs

“I want to stress the importance of us gathering together to honour the Treaties and to strengthen the relationships between Mi’kmaq and the Crown. I want to acknowledge the wisdom of our ancestors who laid the foundation for us and our traditional way of life. Our Treaties are sacred to the Mi’kmaq; they are historical and living documents that will continue to guide us for the next seven generations.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Norman Sylliboy, Grand Chief of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council

“The flag-raising ceremony at Government House is far more than an event held every October. This ceremony symbolizes the Crown-Mi’kmaq relationship and demonstrates to all Nova Scotians the importance of honouring the Mi’kmaw people and how their history, heritage and culture are integral parts of today’s Nova Scotia.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Arthur J. LeBlanc, Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:
— Treaty Day began in 1986 with the signing of a proclamation by then Grand Chief Donald Marshall Sr.

Additional Resources:
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Peace and Friendship Treaties: https://archives.novascotia.ca/mikmaq/results/?Search=AR5&SearchList1=all&TABLE2=on

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