Incoming Premier Tim Houston Names Transition Team


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Incoming Premier Tim Houston Names Transition Team
Incoming premier Tim Houston moved quickly to appoint a seven-member team today, Aug. 18, to support transition to the new government.

“Nova Scotians gave us a clear mandate to govern and signalled they are ready for change,” said Mr. Houston. “We are ready. We are getting to work immediately on behalf of all Nova Scotians and are ready to begin fixing health care and putting our vision for a better Nova Scotia into action.”

The transition team chair is Scott Armour McCrea, CEO, the Armour Group Limited, Halifax. Other transition team members are:
— Nicole LaFosse Parker, lawyer and chief of staff and general counsel to the incoming premier
— Chris Lydon, regional senior vice-president, m5 Public Affairs
— David MacGregor, former principal secretary to premier John Hamm
— Cam MacKeen, campaign co-chair, lawyer and former news reporter
— Tara Miller, Q.C., campaign co-chair, lawyer and former Progressive Conservatives party president
— Karen Oldfield, Q.C., ICD.D, corporate director and strategist, retired CEO, and initial chief of staff for premier Hamm

The transition team begins work today. A date to swear in the new cabinet will be announced soon.

(photo via Brian Cameron)

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