(Update) 41st Provincial General Election


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Election Day in Nova Scotia will be Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Elections Nova Scotia – A provincial general election is underway in Nova Scotia. Election day will be Tuesday, August 17, 2021, but voters have several safe voting options to vote early.

To be eligible to vote in the 41st Provincial General Election, you must be 18 years of age or older on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, a Canadian citizen, have lived in Nova Scotia since January 17, 2021.

There are many options to vote safely in this election. Voters in Nova Scotia can apply on-line to vote by mail using a write-in ballot, or vote safely in-person at returning offices, early voting location and on election day.

Prior to election day, voters in Nova Scotia can vote safely at any returning office or early voting location in the province. On election day, voters may vote at their assigned voting location or the returning office in their electoral district.

Registered voters will get a personalized voters information card (VIC) mailed to them later in the writ period. The VIC provides information on the closest voting locations. If eligible voters are not yet on the Nova Scotia list of electors, they are encouraged to get registered soon or register when they come to vote.

Elections Nova Scotia is committed the safe delivery of a fair and inclusive election and worked with Nova Scotia public health to determine what safety precautions are needed to ensure the safety and confidence of voters, election workers, candidates, and their campaign teams during the election.

Election workers and voters will be required to wear masks while inside the voting location, and there will be a tabletop shield between the voter and the election worker. Physical distancing will be enforced at voting locations, and frequently used surfaces will be disinfected between every voter interaction. Voters will be asked to sanitize their hands at entrances and exits and bring their own pen. Election workers will minimize hand-to-hand contact with voters by touching their documents (i.e. Voter Information Card (VIC), IDs, etc.) as little as possible. There will be signage to help direct voters and to indicate where to stand to maintain physical distancing requirements.

Elections Nova Scotia is a non-partisan and independent agency responsible for conducting provincial elections. For more information on the 41st provincial general election, please visit electionsnovascotia.ca, call 1-800-565-1504, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @electionsns.


41st Provincial General Election

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Richard Temporale, has received an order from the Governor in Council for the 41st provincial general election. The CEO has issued writs of election for all 55 electoral districts.​ Election Day will be held Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

Elections Nova Scotia is a non-partisan and independent agency responsible for conducting provincial elections. For more information on the 41st provincial general election, please visit electionsnovascotia.ca, call 1-800-565-1504, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @electionsns.



General Election Called for Nova Scotia
Nova Scotians will be going to the polls for a general provincial election on Tuesday, August 17.

Premier Iain Rankin met with Lt.-Gov. Arthur J. LeBlanc today, July 17, to ask that he dissolve the legislature and call a general election.

“Voting is an important way for people to help shape the future of their communities,” said Premier Rankin. “I hope Nova Scotians come out to exercise their democratic right and have their voices heard.”

By law, the campaign must be a minimum of 30 days and the election held on a Tuesday.

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