In-home COVID-19 Vaccination Program Expands

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In-home COVID-19 Vaccination Program Expands
Nova Scotians who are unable to attend a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in their community because of significant health and mobility challenges are now able to receive their first vaccination at home.

Beginning today, June 15, people who are not able to leave their homes to attend a scheduled vaccine appointment can request an in-home appointment by calling 211. Vaccines will be administered by Nova Scotia Health following a screening process to confirm eligibility. In-home vaccinations will be administered in July and August.

“We appreciate that not every Nova Scotian is able to go to a community clinic or a pharmacy to get their vaccine,” said Zach Churchill, Minister of Health and Wellness. “That is why we’ve made it a priority in our rollout to offer different options and solutions to ensure all Nova Scotians get their vaccine.”

Attending a community clinic, pharmacy or primary care COVID-19 vaccination clinic should be the first option for anyone who is able to leave their home. People who are able to go to a community clinic but don’t have access to transportation may be able to access rides through the Rural Transportation Association.

Vaccine appointments can also be made at one of three drive-thru clinics across the province, in Dartmouth, Truro and Wolfville.

A prototype in-home vaccination program was used to validate the process. It began on May 27 and included eligible people receiving continuing care services through Nova Scotia Health. More than 300 in-home vaccines have been administered to date.

Nova Scotians who need a first dose and are not able to leave their homes to access COVID-19 community vaccine clinics because of significant health and mobility challenges are asked to call 211 from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

“People are happy to see the immunizer and me and they are excited to get the vaccine. Before we launched the program, I received calls from individuals and families asking when this would be an option. Now I am going into those same clients’ homes with the vaccine in hand – helping them to feel safe and protected. It’s a great feeling and I am grateful to be involved in something so positive and rewarding.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Nancy Farrell, care coordinator, Nova Scotia Health

“Our in-home vaccination team has worked incredibly hard and quickly to ensure individuals who can’t get vaccinated at a community clinic have another option. I have heard how grateful and relieved individuals and their families are to receive their first dose. We are pleased to be part of the vaccination strategy to ensure all Nova Scotians who want to be vaccinated are.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Susan Stevens, senior director, Continuing Care, Nova Scotia Health

Quick Facts:
— in-home vaccinations are available to eligible Nova Scotians across the province
— participants of the in-home vaccination program will receive the Pfizer vaccine

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