RCMP warns of new drug seized in Nova Scotia


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RCMP warns of new drug seized in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia RCMP is warning of a new drug found during a seizure.

On November 26, 2020, Cumberland District SCEU seized drugs from a motor vehicle entering Nova Scotia from New Brunswick.​ Among the drugs seized was a small quantity of white pills and purple powder in a plastic bag.​ The white pills are described as white triangular shaped tablets with a line down the middle. The letter ‘’M’’ is on one side and the number “8” is on the other side. Both the power and the pills were sent to Health Canada for analysis.

The results have come back advising that 
Isotonitazene, a controlled substance, was found in both the pills and the purple powder. Health Canada also advised that Isotonitazene is an opioid with similar effects to fentanyl. Like fentanyl, it can slowly be absorbed through the skin, so it is potentially dangerous to handle without taking appropriate health and safety precautions. Given the current limited state of knowledge regarding Isotonitazene, caution is recommended.

RCMP always warn against illicit drug use, however, with the presence of this new substance in drugs seized in a Nova Scotia, the danger of illicit drug use has increased.

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