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Cold weather experiments at home

Bored at home this winter? Who said cold weather can’t be fun?

Here are a few “at home” science experiments that will help you appreciate our Canadian cold temperatures!

Creating snow bubbles

Essentially created with common household ingredients, cold weather and slow, steady breathing, snow bubbles have become a social media phenomena!

To create “snow bubbles” you need air temperatures of -20°C or colder, and absolutely no wind – the slightest breeze will make your bubble pop.

Check out the NOW tab of your weather app to confirm that these weather conditions are occurring, and then mix:

  • 200 ml of warm water;
  • 35 ml of corn syrup;
  • 35 ml of liquid dish soap; and
  • 2 tbsp. of sugar.

Take the liquid mix in a small bowl, and store in the freezer. Lowering the mixture’s temperature will help your bubbles freeze faster when they land. After 30 minutes, take the bowl out and give its contents another stir.

Head outside with the liquid mix in a bowl. Now suck the mixture very carefully half way up a straw (be careful not swallow) and then gently blow it out through the straw to create a bubble. You can also attach your growing bubble onto a cold surface or directly onto the snow. Then, watch it quickly turn into a beautiful frozen snow bubble!

Turning hot water into a cloud of ice crystals:

To conduct this experiment you need outdoor air temperatures to be very cold (at least -25°C or preferably colder) and low relative humidity i.e. dry conditions. Outside humidity needs to be less than 30% – check the NOW page on your app for the latest humidity reading at your location.

When these weather conditions occur at the same time, head outside with a cup of boiling water. Very carefully throw the water AWAY FROM YOU, high into the air.

Before heading out to play in the cold, make sure to dress warmly! Here are some cold weather safety tips.

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