Statement regarding Ardmore Hall

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Statement regarding Ardmore Hall

The following is a municipal statement regarding the status of the partially demolished Ardmore Hall, located at 6399 North Street in Halifax:

  • On Sept. 25 the municipality issued a demolition permit for this site following due diligence with municipal protocols.

  • Based on a number of tenant complaints, orders to remedy, under By-Law M-200 dealing with fire doors, water damage, heat and hot water, were issued between Nov. 30 and Dec. 32020.

  • On Dec. 4, municipal building officials were made aware that there was still a tenant residing in the building. Notice was given to the developer that the demolition permit would be revoked until the issue is resolved. Note: Legislation requires that a 30 day notice be given prior to revoking a permit. The permit was officially revoked on Jan. 4, 2021.

  • Following an environmental assessment required as part of the demolition plan filed by the developer with the Province of Nova Scotia, permission was granted to the developer to remove hazardous materials. Environmental remediation and other steps are currently being taken by the developer to ensure the site is safe and secure. Note: The municipality would not take any direct action as a result of the environmental assessment as the handling, storage and transport of asbestos is done pursuant to the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • The municipality’s stop work order, related to the demolition work, remains in place. This order will not be lifted until the municipality is satisfied that the existing tenancy issue has been resolved by the parties involved.

Residential tenancy issues are administered by the provincial Director of Residential Tenancies (when the parties are unable to agree on a resolution).​ The municipality will require confirmation from the parties (or their lawyers) of any resolution.

Once resolved, the stop work order can be lifted and the demolition permit can be re-activated. The developer does not have to restart the application process for a demolition permit.

Should the issue between the parties not be resolved, By-Law D-300, the Derelict Building By-law, provides the municipality with the power to order a property owner to remedy any derelict condition by either making the building habitable or demolishing it.

No charges have been laid at this time as an investigation into the matter, by municipal building officials, is ongoing.

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