RCMP update on search for missing fishermen


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RCMP update on search for missing fishermen

The RCMP is updating on the search for the five missing fishermen from the Chief Williams Saulis fishing vessel.

The Nova Scotia RCMP recently received a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV)​ equipped with a Tritech Gemini multi-beam sonar from British Columbia RCMP. This equipment is newer technology then what has previously been used and will assist members​ in the search for the sunken vessel.

The RCMP Underwater Recovery Team (URT) will be using this​ specialized technology in the water as they continue to search. The weather conditions appear favourable today and the team expect to be in the water later this afternoon​ when tidal conditions are optimal.

Weather and water conditions will continue to be assessed each day.

The Nova Scotia RCMP will be providing the public with updates and information as the search for the missing fishermen continues.

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