Truro MISSING CHILD Updated as of May 12, 2020


**** Truro Police Release


Updated as of May 13, 2020- 3:00pm

Through social media, the Truro Police Service has become aware of an online group inviting people to search for missing 3 year old, Dylan Ehler, this weekend.​

Neither the Truro Police Service, nor Ground Search and Rescue, condone or support this type of activity.

We understand that people are trying to be helpful, but there is great risk to untrained people conducting these types of searches as Ground Search and Rescue and the Fire Service are equipped with the proper equipment and training.

In addition, the properties along the river are privately owned, therefore, anyone accessing these properties without permission will be considered trespassing which is enforceable by local law enforcement.

As a reminder, a provincial State of Emergency remains in effect and public health orders are required to be followed and will also be enforced. Protocols such as social distancing and gatherings in groups no larger than five (5) are to be adhered to.

We ask that people do not participate in any unauthorized searches.


Updated as of May 12, 2020- 10:45am

As reported yesterday, after 6 days of extensive searching, the active search for Dylan Ehler has been suspended.

However, the Truro Police Service, the Provincial Dive Team and Colchester Ground Search and Rescue are going to be using an innovative technique today to further provide clues to Dylan’s possible whereabouts.​

A mannequin, approximately the same height and weight of Dylan, with radio frequency equipment attached, will be launched into Lepper Brook this afternoon.

This mannequin will be tracked overhead by helicopter and reporting stations will be set up along the Salmon River to capture the signal. The Provincial Dive Team will also be in the Salmon River, near Stanfield’s Ltd, as part of this exploratory trial.

As today’s tides are similar to those of May 6, conditions are ideal for this new technique. The Town of Truro will be pulling the stop logs back out of the Reservoir on the Lepper Brook this afternoon to simulate the brook conditions that were present on May 6.​

It is hoped that this technique will produce new information and assist in locating any new potential searching areas.

We want to notify the public that this operation will be taking place and are asking not to call 911 to report anything suspicious in the Salmon River during this operation.

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