Tim Hortons® Announces Changes to Roll Up The Rim To Win® in Light of Current Public Health Environment

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Tim Hortons® Announces Changes to Roll Up The Rim To Win® in Light of Current Public Health Environment

Tim Hortons announced changes today to its iconic Roll Up The Rim To Win contest running between March 11 to April 7, 2020 throughout Canada.

Tim Hortons is eliminating paper Roll Up The Rim cups due to the current public health environment and redistributing all $30 million of prizes to restaurant giveaways and the digital Roll Up The Rim contest.

Tim Hortons is making this decision in the best interests of guests, restaurant owners and over 100,000 team members. Tim Hortons does not believe it’s the right time for team members in our restaurants to collect rolled up tabs that have been in people’s mouths during this current public health environment.

Tim Hortons recognizes that some guests will miss the excitement of rolling up the paper cups, even for good reason given the current public health environment. This is why Tim Hortons has made the digital contest even more exciting with $16 million of prizes – in addition to the $14 million giveaway at restaurants that all guests can benefit from, regardless of whether or not they play our digital game.

Tim Hortons is working with its sustainability team to responsibly collect all of the paper Roll Up The Rim cups to ensure they are appropriately recycled.

$14 Million of Free Coffees and Hot Beverages Will be Given Away at Participating Tim Hortons Restaurants; Approximately $1M Per Day for First Two Weeks

Tim Hortons is redistributing $14 million of prizes currently under the rims of Roll Up The Rim cups to $14 million of free coffee and hot beverage giveaways at restaurants for guests who make a coffee or hot beverage purchase* – approximately $1 million per day for the first two weeks. This also represents 1:9 odds per transaction at participating restaurants.

Tim Hortons cash registers, at participating restaurants, are being programmed to randomize the coffee and hot beverage giveaway and winning guests will automatically be credited for their beverage at the time of purchase.

All the other prizes currently under the rims of Roll Up The Rim cups, including cars, TVs, reward miles, pre-paid gift cards and Tims gift cards can now be won through the digital Roll Up The Rim Contest that runs for the entire four-week period.


$16M of Prizes to Be Won in the Tim Hortons App or at rolluptherimtowin.ca

Tims Rewards members will earn digital rolls when they scan their Tims Rewards loyalty card or app when making any hot beverage purchase during the four weeks of the contest.

And now, all Tims Rewards members will have a chance to win $16 million of prizes during the four weeks of the contest, including all of the major prizes previously announced for Roll Up The Rim: 2020 Hyundai IONIQ Electric or Hybrid Vehicles, Samsung Smart TVs, AIR MILES® Reward Miles, CIBC Prepaid Cards and TimCards.

Tim Hortons expects that digital odds of winning a coffee, hot beverage or baked goods will be better than the 1:9 odds at restaurants.** Final odds of winning any of the digital prizes will ultimately be determined by the number of guests who play.

Anyone can sign up for the Tims Rewards loyalty program by downloading the app, creating an account and providing your email address.

More than 7.5M guests have joined the Tims Rewards program that allows members to earn and save points to get free menu items from Tim Hortons.

*No purchase necessary available.

**Based on current modeling.

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