Statement on actions taken in relation to Portland St property in Dartmouth


**** HRP Media Release

Statement on actions taken in relation to Portland St property in Dartmouth

Halifax Regional Police are providing a statement in relation to actions taken on property in Dartmouth related to the recent mass shooting.

We have had reports from members of the community that they are troubled by the presence of some signage on one of the properties in Dartmouth belonging to the person responsible for the recent mass tragedy in Nova Scotia. The property is located at 193 Portland Street. ​ Due to the extraordinary nature of this event and the impact it has had on the community, in an effort to mitigate any potential public safety issues, the Chief of Police used appropriate police authorities to have the signage removed from the property.​

“We recognize that communities have been deeply affected across Nova Scotia and the country,” said Chief Dan Kinsella. “This step to remove signage from the Portland Street property was taken due to the unprecedented nature of this tragedy and in the interest of public safety.”

4 thoughts on “Statement on actions taken in relation to Portland St property in Dartmouth

  1. I sincerely hope the entire building will come down. People who live in Dartmouth do not want this constant reminder!

  2. Thank you. Also, Remove the entire building and leave a pretty quiet spot of reflection. A reflection of how grateful we are to be Nova Scotian. Kindness, love, strength and resilience. I am sorry for all , including the owners family but I do have granddaughters close to the age that went to the same school as the beautiful child that was murdered by this nasty gene. I have spoken to several that have had close connections to those who were killed….. It takes only one mutation to make a monster. I am sorry remove all signs of this atrocity. Please.

  3. Thank you!
    This is a time to focus on the victims and erasing any reminder of the person responsible for this tragedy is appreciated.

  4. Outstanding thank you for taking it down, it was a horrifying reminder of a madman and the tragic loss of lives. By doing this you take away the power he had over his victims families and their losses. God Bless our Emergency Response personnel and keep them safe.

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