Sophie’s Story Part 2: The big heart and big donation for a stranger

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**** Written by Crystal Yeo for WFMHFX

Back in February, we shared a story about Sophie, an 11 year old who was embarking on an act of kindness to help a stranger.

Inspired by her grandfather, who has now recovered from his battle with prostate cancer, Sophie wanted to help someone in need and decided that by donating her hair in a big shave and by raising money to support someone local who is undergoing cancer treatment , she could help ease the stigma of hair loss from cancer treatment and ease the financial burden for someone.

From the shave, Sophie’s hair will be sent to a company to make a wig (which still accepts real hair donations) and her chosen recipient, picked through a Facebook  nomination process, will receive all funds raised to help out with ongoing costs associated with cancer treatments like travel, medications, lodging, etc., as well as a the wig donated from Sophie.

The Estabrooks Community Hall has  stepped forward to host Sophie’s Big Shave for Cancer event with a donation of time and space. Host Lorna wanted a BBQ and community social to show their support for this incredible event, and with Sophie’s family starting a Go Fund Me page to help raise funds. The event was originally planned for late spring, but due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it will be a little delayed but is still moving forward.

(18.5″ so far!)

With your generosity Sophie has surpassed her original goal of $1000 and has met her next goal of over $2000.

A new date is pending in the fall and organizers hope to continue with the fundraiser and BBQ at the Estabrooks Community Hall. Stay tuned for more details.

(Mom Jenny, Sophie, and organizer Lorna)

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If you wish to make a donation to help, please visit the GoFundMe page set up to also help below:

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