(Update) RCMP dog helps locate missing people


**** RCMP Media Release

RCMP dog helps locate missing people

An RCMP Dog and his handler helped searchers locate a man and two small children who were missing in a wooded area of Colchester County on April 3.

Colchester District RCMP responded to the call on April 3 at 1:44 p.m. A man had taken two small children, ages three and five, for a walk in a wooded area and became lost. Family members were concerned that the three were overdue, and called police. Local Ground Search crews were called, and an RCMP Dog and Handler and air support were called as well.

The RCMP Dog found the scent of the missing people and located them, cold, and wet, in the woods. Police were able to get a helicopter to the area to pick the police officers, the dog, and the three missing people to safety. They had been in the woods for nearly six hours from the time they started their walk to​ the time they were found. The man and two children were in good health, however, were very cold when they were found.

Calls to police involving Ground Search and Rescue involve large numbers of dedicated volunteers who work with many different agencies. The RCMP would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and​ team work in helping​ missing people.


We’ve had lost of questions about the RCMP Dog that helped find people in Colchester County on April 3.

So, here are some stats on Fergus!

This brown-eyed German Shepherd is six and a half years young. He’s well educated, having trained at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail Alberta in 2015. He’s also well-travelled, having worked in British Columbia, Newfoundland and now Nova Scotia (he became a bluenoser in 2019). Fergus has the skills to pay the bills. He’s trained in detecting and tracking human scent, detecting narcotics, criminal apprehension and providing operational support to assist in the safety of front line members.

No doubt this guy is going places. Keep up the good work, Fergus and Cpl. Sutton!

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