Pregnant goat rescued by Mountie with a big heart


**** RCMP Media Release

Pregnant goat rescued by Mountie with a big heart

On Sunday evening, Cst. Matt Doane arrived for work in Colchester County not knowing that his shift would bring him “beyond the call”, or in this case, “beyond the bleat”.

When Cst. Doane received a call that a pregnant goat was being chased by a black bear in Harmony, he quickly responded without hesitation and drove to the area to locate the distressed goat.


The bear must have wisely re-evaluated his goat harassing as it had disappeared back into the woods before police arrived. Unable to locate the goat’s owners, Cst. Doane provided “police protective transport” along with a safe, comfortable place to rest in his barn for the night.


The next day, Cst. Doane made contact with the goat’s owners and Marcy was happily re-united with her caretakers. We salute Cst. Doane for showing that our hearts can be lifted with small acts of kindness.

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