Ocean rescue after ship calls a mayday


**** Info via Halifax JRCC


Imagery of the transfer of the final four crew from the FV Atlantic Destiny and the two SAR Techs to the CCGS Cape Roger this morning. At 1036 AST, the FV sunk.

The Cape Roger is now heading towards Shelburne, NS. (Via Halifax JRCC)

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(Rescue) JRCC Halifax, with a Cormorant helicopter and Hercules aircraft from CFB Greenwood, as well as help from the USCG, responded to an overnight boat in distress call off the southern coast. Reports say all are safe. (Photo via marinetraffic.com) Info via JRCC

“JRCC Hfx is responding to an ongoing emergency onboard the FV Atlantic Destiny, with a crew of 31. A CH-149 Cormorant and CC130 Hercules from 14 Wing Greenwood, the CCGS Cape Roger has been tasked. The FV Lahave is in vicinity of the Atlantic Destiny and standing by to assist.

The master of the vessel called JRCC Hfx to report a fire onboard. That fire was extinguished but re-ignited. Additionally, they are reporting taking on water. The vessel has lost power and is adrift in 8m seas and 55kts winds.

Additionally, it is now reported that there were 32 crew onboard the vessel. All fires are out but water continues to come in. A small crew will remain onboard to continue to assess the situation. SAR assets will remain on scene to assist as required.

As of 8 am this morning, all remaining crew of the FV Atlantic Destiny have been safely transferred off the vessel onto the CCGS Cape Roger. The Cape Roger will remain on scene to monitor the vessel.”

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