New NSHA in-home blood collection services for eligible patients

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New NSHA in-home blood collection services for eligible patients
NSHA is launching an in-home blood collection service due to impacts on public and private blood collection services in the province.
This service will begin on Monday, April 27, and is for patients requiring urgent/time-sensitive testing for immediate diagnosis or management of chronic illness who are unable to leave their home due to illness, mobility challenges, isolation due to COVID-19, or risk of undue hardship.
A patient’s physician or nurse practitioner will initiate the request for this service through the NSHA Continuing Care referral process. Referred patients will be contacted by the local blood collection service to book an appointment for the in-home visit.
All other patients requiring urgent blood work can still access NSHA outpatient blood collection clinics by booking an appointment with their local blood collection service.
Pre-screening, social distancing, and additional infection prevention and control measures will be in place to ensure patient safety. Information about NSHA Blood Collection clinics can be found on the NSHA website: .
NSHA appreciates your cooperation and patience during this difficult time.

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