Message from the Nova Scotia RCMP about our response to the COVID-19 health pandemic

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Message from the Nova Scotia RCMP about our response to the COVID-19 health pandemic

With the evolving emergency health situation, the Nova Scotia RCMP continues to work closely with the Province of Nova Scotia and our policing partners to monitor and respond to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.​

These are undoubtedly uncertain times, but I can assure you the RCMP will continue its operations to ensure the safety of Nova Scotians. As an emergency response agency, we have existing protocols and procedures that deal with emergency situations, and that includes pandemics.

Our Division Emergency Operations Centre is active and is monitoring and overseeing the coordination of Nova Scotia RCMP resources. This includes monitoring our business continuity plans, assessing our essential service levels and equipment, and forwarding updates on our safety and prevention measures.

We continue to provide employees with regular updates, implement prevention measures within the workplace, and are supporting telework options. Our police officers are being advised of what safety measures should be taken and when, where and how they should use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

These are truly unprecedented times. We are looking to all Nova Scotians to do as you do best – look out for one another. Everyone has a role to play in response to mitigating this health issue. Please follow the directions of Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Public safety is our priority. As our province takes measures to flatten the curve of COVID-19, we thank Nova Scotians for their mindfulness and cooperation.

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