Hope…..that is the name that our young friend Rama gave to her new kitten today

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Pets are family. Great story from the Cumberland County Animal Hospital

“Hope…..that is the name that our young friend Rama gave to her new kitten today – and what a fitting name.
We had the privilege of gifting Rama a kitten today after hearing her story and finding out that owning a kitten was one of her greatest wishes.

We met Rama after our friend Dimitri Neonakis and his charity Dream Wings contacted us to see if we could help make her wish come true.
Dimitri shared with us that Rama had been granted a trip to Disney by the Make a Wish Foundation but she donated the trip to another child – her dream was to own a kitten and to meet Justin Trudeau to thank him in person for helping her family to Immigrate to Canada.

You see, Rama is from war torn Syria and she was extremely ill and unable to receive medical care due to the war- she and her family were granted immigration to Canada and on arrival she was given a life saving bone marrow transplant.

She is now an incredible and healthy young girl- who wants to become a medical doctor so she also can save lives and perform bone marrow transplants to those in need- we have 100% faith that Rama will do this- she is so smart and articulate.

After speaking to her father, Dimitri arranged a surprise visit to Cumberland County Animal Hospital and Rama met Hope for the first time today- there wasn’t a dry eye in the Hospital when she figured out Hope was her kitten!!!
They are a perfect match and were inseparable within minutes!
Here is how you can help- please share our post in hopes that we are able to help grant Rama her final wish of meeting Justin Trudeau to thank him in person for saving her life.

Please- no political comments or opinions- this is about helping an incredible young girl meet her hero
Huge thanks to Dimitri Neonakis, Dream Wings, and Alexandra’s Pizza for donating airfare and hotel for Rama and her family to meet our Prime Minister if he agrees

A special and huge thanks to Jodi Strickland our manager and our entire team at Cumberland County Animal Hospital for volunteering and donating all costs associated with Hope’s care.
And the greatest thanks to Rama for spending time with us this morning!”

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