COVID-19 Update at Via Rail

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**** COVID-19 Update at Via Rail

Wearing a mask is required

In our stations, starting June 23, masks will be required at all times when it is impossible to maintain a sufficient distance from others, with the exception of when passengers are eating or drinking. Masks are now mandatory for all employees at all times on trains and in-station, when sufficient physical distance cannot be maintained.

Young children and people with breathing difficulties unrelated to COVID-19 are exempt from this preventive measure.

Health checks: What we do

Our employees will conduct a health check before passengers are permitted to board our trains. This will mainly involve asking simple health questions and looking for visible signs of illness prior to boarding.

If you have cold- or flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing), we ask that you postpone your travel plans and not board the train. If you develop symptoms on board, let one of our employees know immediately. As recommended by Health Canada This link open a window, our employees have been trained on additional preventive and reactive measures.

Enhanced cleaning protocols

  • Regular and thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces: washrooms, tray tables, armrests, doors, etc.
  • Deployment of additional onboard employees to sanitize our trains while in operation
  • Distribution of hand sanitizers at key points of contact

The products we use daily have been approved by Health Canada This link open a window and effectively eliminate the COVID-19 virus.

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