Clarification on details of parks and greenspaces reopening

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**** HRM Media Release

Response to COVID-19: Clarification on details of parks and greenspaces reopening

The Halifax Regional Municipality continues to monitor and respond to the rapidly evolving effects of COVID-19.

The municipality is in the process of reopening all parks, trails, greenspaces, community gardens and cemeteries. With over 900 parks and 425 km of trails in the municipality, this process will take time. Staff are working quickly to remove all barricades, locks and gates from parks to adjust to these changes. We ask residents for their patience during the reopening period.

All beaches, sports courts and playgrounds remain closed until further notice.

The Province has permitted sports fields to open for residents in the same household to use. Due to physical distancing requirements, no bookings will be taken until further notice.

Provincial public health measures must be followed on all municipal properties. Residents are reminded that police are still authorized to issue tickets for violations under the Emergency Management Act and Health Protection Act. Parks are open for walking and exercise only. Organized sports and gatherings in violation of public health restrictions are not permitted.​

The following is a clarification on the details of parks and greenspaces reopening:

School Grounds

  • The municipality manages and maintains all sports fields, courts and playgrounds on school properties. With the exception of sports fields for personal use, these facilities remain closed until further notice and no bookings will be permitted.


  • In order to adhere to provincial public health measures, no bookings of sports fields, ball diamonds and artificial turf fields will be permitted until further notice.​

Park Assets that are open:

  • Parks
  • Greenspaces
  • Trails
  • Municipal cemeteries
  • Skate parks
  • Off leash dog parks, (Note: Shubie Park beach remains closed)
  • Boat launches in parks (Note: All boat launches connected to beaches or recreation facilities will remain closed)
  • Community gardens

Park Assets that remain closed:

  • Sport courts (basketball, pickle ball, tennis, etc.)
  • Artificial turf fields
  • Ball diamonds and sports fields – while the provincial statement indicated that these are permitted to open, the municipality’s standard process is to open these in late May/early June, weather dependent.​ The municipality will provide additional updates closer to the typical opening dates.​
  • Sports/running tracks located adjacent to sports fields/artificial turf fields
  • Beaches located in parks (Note: As per provincial direction, the parks are open but the beach areas are closed)
  • Playgrounds

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