Bide Awhile: Hi – my name is Sammy! I need a home!

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Hi – my name is Sammy!

I came to Bide Awhile because I have allergies and my owner wasn’t able to take care of me anymore. I am SUPER lovable with people but I do try and beat up the other cats, so I will need to be the only cat in the home. Because of my skin allergies, I will likely need to be on a steroid medication long term. The dose may change over time depending on your veterinarian’s advice. Steroids can predispose a kitty like myself to infections and diabetes, so I should have yearly exams and blood work done. I am also on a hypo diet, that I will need to stay on forever (which is okay with me because I LOVE IT. It is sooooo tasty!)

If you have any questions about me or my allergies, please call Jennifer at 902-469-9578 and she would be happy to help (she loves talking about how great I am). Oh, I almost forgot… I LOVE to play as much as I LOVE to cuddle!

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