A message from Chief Stuebing: COVID-19 Update and HRFE

The Covid Chronicle

**** HRFE Release

A message from Chief Stuebing:

The COVID-19 pandemic environment is evolving, and, as you know, the public health policies and protocols to manage through it are changing too.

One thing that does not change in the face of this pandemic or any other crisis, is Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency’s (HRFE) commitment to be there when you need us.

I want to assure you of our vigilance and ability to adapt to the quick pace of change during this pandemic, so we can continue to deliver our emergency service, with a strong focus on keeping our members safe as they deliver our Mission every day.

We have implemented our pandemic procedures and I’m extremely proud of how all our members have been working together over the past few stressful weeks. HRFE has implemented screening and other control measures before reporting for duty, entering a worksite and responding to calls. These efforts are in place to protect the residents we serve, as well as our members.

We are working with our colleagues across Canada and abroad to increase our situational awareness and anticipate the need to adapt and implement changes to our business continuity plans to ensure service during these changing times.

Help us help you – stay home and if you have an emergency that needs HRFE we will be there.


Kenneth W. Stuebing
Director and Fire Chief
Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency

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