2020 municipal and CSAP election results released


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2020 municipal and CSAP election results released

The Halifax Regional Municipality’s returning officer has officially closed the books on the 2020 municipal and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) elections.

At the conclusion of this process the returning officer is now able to report the candidates with the most total votes:

Mayor: Mike Savage (102,735 votes)

District 1: Cathy Deagle-Gammon (3062 votes)

District 2: David Hendsbee (4379 votes)

District 3: Becky Kent (4309 votes)

District 4: Trish Purdy (1634 votes)

District 5: Sam Austin (7769 votes)

District 6: Tony Mancini (5637 votes)

District 7: Waye Mason (3728 votes)

District 8: Lindell Smith (5779 votes)

District 9: Shawn Cleary (3880 votes)

District 10: Kathryn Morse (1924 votes)

District 11: Patty Cuttell (1662 votes)

District 12: Iona Stoddard (3074 votes)

District 13: Pam Lovelace (3444 votes)

District 14: Lisa Blackburn (4898 votes)

District 15: Paul Russell (2901 votes)

District 16: Tim Outhit (acclaimed)

CSAP representatives: Jeff Arsenault (acclaimed) Katherine Howlett (acclaimed), and Marc Pinet (acclaimed)

The total number of votes cast in the municipality was 128,160 or 40 per cent of eligible voters.

In 2016, 91,574 or 31.77 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots.

To view official election results, visit Halifax.ca/election

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