Range survey to occur at closed West Chezzetcook Air Weapons Range

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Range survey to occur at closed West Chezzetcook Air Weapons Range

Residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality, especially those in the vicinity of the closed West Chezzetcook Air Weapons Range located east of Grand Desert, are to be advised that Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel will be conducting a range survey on Monday, August 17.

Munitions scrap and Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) from former range operations continue to wash ashore or become unearthed on this property due to environmental factors such as tidal action, erosion and storm events. As such, range surveys are conducted routinely in the interest of public safety to ensure the area remains closed to the public and to determine if future cleanup efforts or clearance operations are required.

During the August 17 range survey, members of the public may observe a small group of CAF members scanning the property for potential UXO and munitions scrap and checking the condition of range signage and fencing. Should the team conducting the survey determine that a cleanup or clearance operation is required at the West Chezzetcook Air Weapons Range, further communication will be provided to nearby residents and the greater public.

The highly trained Defence Team personnel responsible for munitions scrap/UXO handling and disposal and management of CAF ranges take safety and security extremely seriously. These members follow strict procedures during all range activities and operations to ensure the safety of their team and the public.

Residents and visitors residing or transiting in the vicinity of the West Chezzetcook Air Weapons Range are reminded that UXO, whether it is old or new, complete or in pieces, must be considered dangerous. It is imperative, therefore, that members of the public do not, under any circumstance, enter the closed range property.

We thank members of the public, especially those who reside in the Grand Desert area, for their understanding as we continue monitoring this closed range to ensure the continued safety of local residents and visitors.

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