Municipality helps residents with well water shortages

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Municipality helps residents with well water shortages

The Halifax Regional Municipality is initiating a program to offer drinking water for those dealing with significantly low well water levels who do not have additional access to water.

The Canadian Drought Monitor is showing abnormally dry conditions in several areas of the municipality.​

As a result, the municipality is working alongside the Province of Nova Scotia and using our Joint Emergency Management (JEM) teams to ensure residents with urgent dry well issues have access to drinking water.

The municipality is making three facilities available across the region where affected residents can access drinking water until conditions improve. These facilities are:​

  • Station 56 – 8579 St Margarets Bay Road, Black Point
  • Station 24 – 32 Riverside Avenue, Musquodoboit Harbour
  • Station 48 – 1581 Beaver Bank Rd, Beaver Bank

Water will be available every Tuesday, beginning August 18 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Residents on wells who are experiencing water shortage issues are strongly encouraged to contact 311 to report a water shortage, as this will allow the municipality to understand where shortages are occurring and place a supply of drinking water.

Residents are also encouraged to learn more about the Inadequate Water Supply program, in which property owners can offset the cost of installing water supply systems.​

For more information on available support and access to water supplies, visit

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