Municipal fires and impacts update – June 1, 5:30 p.m.

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Municipal fires and impacts update – June 1, 5:30 p.m.

The Halifax Regional Municipality is advising residents of the following updates and impacts to municipal services as a result of the ongoing fires.

Evacuation registry

Residents and businesses whose properties are located in the area of significant impact on the evacuation map must immediately register with 311 via the online form (or by calling 1.800.835.6428), as staff are contacting residents whose homes have been destroyed.

Emergency preparedness

All residents in a state of local emergency zone should have a bag packed as they may have limited time to leave their homes if required to evacuate on short notice. Residents who are directed to evacuate are advised to bring their pets, important documents and medication with them, as well as supplies for a minimum of 72 hours.

Fire safety at construction sites

The municipality is urging those operating construction sites to ensure they follow site safety protocols. At this time, it is particularly critical to:

  • Eliminate all ignition sources, such as smoking and open flames;
  • Keep main fuel supply stored in approved tanks, located on level ground and kept away from work areas;
  • Park, shut down and cool all equipment prior to fueling;
  • Provide continuous fire watch for two hours after construction activities; and
  • Not to allow brush or other debris to accumulate under or around equipment.

Site operators also have a responsibility to regularly examine construction sites, ensure the early availability of water and firefighting supplies, and train employees in basic firefighting procedures. Site operators are also reminded to clean up fuel spills immediately using noncombustible absorbing compounds, and to protect high-value special equipment with a fixed extinguishing system.

Halifax Transit

The following routes are currently impacted:

  • Route 330 – Route 330s will start and end at Sheldrake Lake (3826 St. Margaret’s Bay Road). There will be no service to Tantallon Park and Ride (3664 Hammonds Plains Road).
  • Route 433 – Route 433 will start and end at West Bedford Park and Ride (120 Innovation Drive). There will be no service on Hammonds Plains Road, from Gary Martin Drive to Tantallon Park and Ride.

Please visit: or follow @hfxgov on Twitter for all fire updates.


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